What We Do   

Lankau Consulting is a firm focused on the successful identification and execution of well thought-through strategies and planning.

  • Do you need to develop independent strategies to complement your own?
  • Do you need to devise alternative scenarios to test your existing strategies?
  • Do you need an outside, objective opinion or a challenge to your own?
  • Do you need a virtual management team to complement your existing resources?

We support all aspects of the challenges facing business management teams in today’s challenging times. We provide advisory and consulting services over a broad range of business functions and critical issues facing companies today, tailored to your resources and constraints.

Areas of Expertise

Our expertise is both broad and focused. We have a wide array of functional experience to draw upon to meet your needs, and can operate at the 30,000 foot level, or at ground level, to get to the answers you need to make your decision making more confident.

Affiliated Professionals

In order to customize our approach to fit your requirements, we utilize dedicated consulting resources for high level advisory and project management services, and when necessary or desirable, we engage with a highly regarded network of functional experts to facilitate detailed project planning to complement your internal resources.

About Our Philosophy & Approach

Our approach in attacking consulting engagements is to understand your situation, assess it fully, and provide informed, creative and thoughtful choices toward the goal of solving your issue.  With experience in dealing with a variety of business challenges over decades in the industry, our approach is to help you get it addressed, and let you move on. Like it was our own. Making you “Stand Out”