Lankau Consulting is well positioned to provide advisory and consulting services that meet your specific needs. With over 30 years experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, we provide services to pharma and biotech businesses, pharma services firms, and to private equity and venture capital firms.

Our services generally fall into two overarching categories, based on the level of deliverable detail.

Project Services

Project services will generally provide a more detailed assessment and plan: situation analysis, alternative approaches, and a final actionable deliverable.

Virtual Company Management
  • Provide virtual cross-functional management of projects via various contracted functional experts (internally or externally managed)
  • Advance projects through pre-determined milestone phases
Product Development Planning
  • Development/delivery of options for product development plan by function
  • Identify Target Product Profile and incorporate into PDP
Regulatory Support
  • Provide detailed correspondence plan options and submissions
  • Act as regulatory liaison and/or advisors
Marketing Plans
  • Support/develop market/brand assessments and plan alternatives
  • Support/develop KOL, payor, sales, and post marketing clinical strategies
Sales Resource Optimization
  • Analyze and develop sales force needs assessment
  • Support/develop sales force tools and systems requirements
Due Diligence
  • Support/develop/conduct due diligence plan for licensing and M&A
  • Set up processes for evaluating in- and out-licensing for portfolio projects
Licensing Negotiation
  • Support/conduct preliminary term sheet specs and analyses
  • Support/develop licensing and negotiation strategies
Organization Talent Assessment
  • Identify assessment processes for evaluating of internal/external talent
  • Compensation planning support

Advisory Services

Advisory services will generally provide high level assessment and general directional strategies for your particular needs.

Business Strategy
  • Corporate strategies for building short and long-term valuation
  • Exit optimization strategies
Portfolio Assessment
  • SWOT of existing portfolio
  • Gap filling strategies
New Product Planning
  • Optimization of product development/pre-commercialization planning
  • Support identification of portfolio strengthening strategies
Commercialization Strategies
  • Pre- and post- launch market penetration strategies
  • Sales force/alternative commercialization planning
Payor/Reimbursement Assessment
  • Identification of reimbursement constraints
  • Analyses of pharmacoeconomic opportunities
Generic Challenge Strategies
  • Life cycle management strategies
  • Generic patent challenge assessment/management strategies
Board of Directors Dynamics
  • Business strategy methodology options
  • Stakeholder communications strategies
  • Objectively derived options to consider